Once upon a time guitarist Scott Sawyer heard the album “Righteous” by a band called “DAG”


The groove got his attention and even though he had known DAG members Bobby Patterson (bass) & Kenny Soule (drums) for awhile, he had yet to play with them both at the same time…


After a pickup gig in Raleigh (NC) at Wicked Smile with guitarist Chris Harris, they rehearsed and booked a real gig for April 15th, 1999; that inspired Scott to re-arrange George Harrison’s “Taxman”…they named the band GO THERE and had so much fun that they decided to do it again. As possible, they performed locally and regionally.

Time passed and eventually life got in the way; GO THERE disbanded in December 2004.

In November 2006, Sawyer & Soule reconnected to record some of the Go There repertoire. They enlisted the aid of Kofi Burbridge (organ, flute) , Oteil Burbridge (electric bass) and Ron Brendle (acoustic bass).


The result: “Scott Sawyer – Go There”; released in May 2007.

In 2007-2008, bassist Ron Brendle and organist Bill Stevens (Camel City Collective) joined Sawyer and Soule for a number of shows in NC.




On March 18, 2009, bassist Oteil Burbridge joined Sawyer and Soule for a Go There trio performance at Sullivan Hall in NYC.

Go There 3-18-09 Sullivan Hall Nphoto (c) and courtesy of Tamera Morgan

In 2010, the project was put on hold…

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